Essa Faal Intends To Transform His Movement into a Political Party


By Ndey Sowe

The former lead counsel of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), Essa Faal, has disclosed to the press that his movement ‘Sobeyaa’ will be transformed into a political party.

Mr. Faal, the only independent candidate in this year’s Gambia’s presidential election, made these remarks on Monday, 6 December, 2021 during a press conference held at his residence.

“Sobeyaa will be moved to a political party, and yes, we are planning one that it will be changed to a political party. It is very tough to run as an independent candidate. We believe a political party is the way to go for the reasons that it compels you to have the necessary structures and footholds in the local communities which are really important in helping any political party put its agenda out there, and have the connection with the local people to enable or position itself to win an election,” he said.

Faal said he ran for the presidency because of certain problems in Gambian society that requires to be solved.

“The fight against corruption is one that is very significant and very high up in our agenda. We do believe that it is because of the corruption in this country that is why the Gambia is listed as one hundred and fifty-two out of one hundred and fifty-three most corrupt countries list,” he said.

The former lead counsel at the TRRC added that something needs to be done about corruption and as a lawyer, he sees corruption as a human rights violation, which must be stamped out from Gambian society.

“We encourage the new Government to take corruption very seriously and take such anti-corruption measures that will reduce corruption and graft in this country. If we do not do that, our development will be retarded by 40%,” he said.

Faal recommended that Government look into the issues of wages because people are paid salaries that compel them into certain indignities of life.

“There is a lot that this Government has to do, and we encourage them to be alive to these issues,” he said.