‘Environmental Challenges Are Nationwide, Diverse’ Environment Minister

Hon. Lamin Dibba

By: Kebba AF Touray

The Minister of the Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources Lamin Dibba, said Environmental Challenges are nationwide and diverse. Dibba said this at the National Assembly in response to a question asked by the Member for Sabach Sanna, Ousman Touray.
Dibba said it will be challenging if not impossible to conduct an assessment to map out all Environmental Challenges in the country as requested. He however stressed that assessments were conducted at various sites at different times few years ago, to map out key Environmental Challenges including illegal mining areas, illegal dumpsites and potential areas for severe runoff water or gullies, amongst others.
“Nonetheless, the earlier mentioned assessments will require a reassessment which will require huge commitments of resources both human and financial. After which, recommendations could be made for possible interventions,” Dibba said.
On the control of the environment situation in Mbapu Village raised by Ousman Touray, Minister Dibba responded that the Environmental Challenges in the said village is a serious erosion problem that led to deep gullies in the area, resulting to the destruction of access roads, the landscape and the natural environment.
Dibba asserted that addressing the situation will require further technical assessment of the water flow within the area, which will come up with recommendations for a permanent solution to the problem.
He informed the Assembly that some agricultural projects were put up in the area as gully plugs to reduce the velocity of water flow, and trap the sand to fill in the gullies through sedimentation process some years ago.