Environmental  Activists Call on Government to Preserve Country’s Natural Resources


By Nelson Manneh

The Gambia’s environmental activists took to the streets in a peaceful protest on Saturday 22nd July 2023, calling on the government of the Gambia to preserve the remaining natural resources of the country.

The peaceful protest took place along Kairaba Avenue towards the Westfield Monument, and the protesters carried with them different placards urging the government to stop the butchering of the Tanbi Wetland and other reserved areas within the country.

Kemo Fatty, an environmental activist said the Gambia is blessed with fertile land but today, most of this fertile land has been rendered barren.

“I come from the North Bank Region of the Gambia. My mother was a farmer but today she does no meaningful farming because her rice field has turned into a barren land,” he said. Mr Fatty said the whole country is losing all its natural resources because the government is not helping to preserve it.

“The Gambia now experiences a lot of natural disasters because all our natural resources including reserved lands are being destroyed,” he said; that the global Climate Clock marks a momentous occasion as it ticked below six years for the first time in history, and this shows that if action is not taken, the world will continue to experience more disasters.

“This signifies a critical turning point in our fight against climate change, as we have only five years left to keep global warming below the dangerous 1.5 degrees celsius threshold. The consequences of inaction are severe, and we must act now to protect our planet and future generations,” the Gambia’s environmental activists indicated in a press statement.

Muhammed Hydara, another activist said the Gambia like many nations, faces challenges of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity, and said the rally is an opportunity for every citizen to send a resounding message to the Gambian authorities and global leaders.

“We call on our authorities to prioritize urgent climate actions and policies that will safeguard our environment and secure a sustainable future for our country and the rest of the world. Our collective efforts will make a difference in shaping the trajectory of our planet and ensuring the well-being of all living beings,” he said. He said the Gambia Climate Clock Rally is not just a protest march, but a declaration of solidarity with millions of other people around the world, demanding for immediate and ambitious climate action.