Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Encounter with ‘Maaw Gee’, Gambian Music Producer


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With Makutu Manneh

Welcome to another Edition of the Arts and Culture, the Column that seeks to promote Arts, Music and Culture in the Gambia.

In today’s edition, we feature Gambian Music Producer ‘Maaw Gee’.

Mawdo Malick Gaye alias ‘Maw Gee’, is a Gambian based music producer who has worked with Gambian and foreign artists.

In his recent work, he produced a song for TM Alleyne, a UK based musician and the song is called “Peace”. As a producer, ‘Maw Gee’ uses his platform to promote peace, love and harmony.

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“Music is universal and therefore whatever message it puts across, it touches the lives of people,” he said. The music producer believes that music should not just be used for preaching alone, but should be practiced as well.

He said TM Alleyne came up with the concept of the song ‘Peace’ with the idea of bringing the world under one umbra. He has a recording studio called MBT Records and describes his work as a ‘nice feeling’ that comes with several challenges.

‘‘My work requires time and resources as well as investment,” the Gambian music producer said. He however complained that there is no music School in the Gambia, making the country’s artists to depend on online Classes to develop their career. He said if the Gambia had a music School, such a burden could be lessened.

He said the School will be an environment where Gambian musicians can learn production; how to play instruments and how to mix and master as well.

“Being a music producer is not easy because one must exercise patience,” he said.

Many of the Artists we have interviewed complained about the lack of music School in the country and they also believe that the Gambia can go far in music, if it has one.

The young Gambian Producer said he wants to use the voices of Gambian artists to reach out to people and make them feel at ease and to stop the fight and share love.

‘Maw Gee’ is also a radio presenter.

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