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IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred on the president by section 3 of the Emergency powers Act, these regulations are made.

Citation, and duration

These Regulations may be cited as Restrictions on Public Transportation Emergency Powers Regulations, 2020.

These regulation shall apply through The Gambia.

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These Regulations shall subsist until the end of the Proclamation of a state public emergency issued on the 26th March 2020.

Restrictions on commercial public transportation

Subject to sub-section (2), a commercial public transport driver shall-

Limit the number of passengers to not more than half of the number of passengers that the vehicle is licenced to carry; and

Cleanse and disinfect his or her vehicle in the morning, afternoon and evening of every working day.

A driver of a four-seater commercial vehicle shall carry a maximum of three passengers.

A driver of a vehicle carrying commercial goods shall only carry one other person with him or her in the vehicle cabin.

Freezing of commercial vehicle fares

A driver of a commercial vehicle shall not increase the current market rate of fares for commercial vehicles and prescribed in the Schedule to these Regulations.

Restrictions on Private motor vehicles

A Private vehicle drive shall limit the number of passengers to maximum of one half of the usual capacity of the vehicle.

Restrictions on motor cycles

A rider of a motor cycle shall not carry any passenger on his or her motorcycle, except in cases of health emergencies.

Public garages, stations and transport offices

The local government authorities of very region shall ensure that public garages and car parks-

Are cleansed and disinfected at least twice daily; and

Have hand washing facilities available in and around the areas.

The controllers of public garages or commercial vehicle pick-up areas shall ensure that only the drivers of commercial vehicles and their apprentices are allowed within or around a garage or a pick-up area.

Ferries, canoes, etc.

All ferries and commercial canoe operators shall ensure that

They only operate from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily except in cases of health emergencies;

They carry a maximum of half the usual capacity on each trip;

They provide protective gears to the crew and essential freey staff;

They disinfect their boats after each trip;

The waiting area at all ferry terminals is regularly disinfected and restricted to only the elderly and the differently abled persons;

They provide hand washing facilities for all passengers before hey board the boats; and

They sensitize passengers on basic personal hygiene and social distancing as per the advice of the Ministry of Health.

Air transport

All flight coming from countries identified to be affected by the Covid-19 virus are suspended except medial cargo flights and special flights which require special permit before arrival.

The crew members and passengers of medial cargo flights and special flights shall be placed in quarantine upon arrival, until their departure from the country;

The airport and health authorities shall-

Provide hand sanitizers, hand washing and protective materials for all staff;

Check the temperature of arriving and departing passengers and crew members at the airport terminal; and

Disinfect all arriving and departing aircrafts upon arrival and before departure or require that all aircrafts do so at their own cost under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Offences and Penalties

A person who contravenes the provisions of these regulation omits and offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of ten thousand dalasis.

A driver who is convicted under these regulations shall have his or her vehicle impounded until the end of the period of public emergency.



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Police to Conduct Life Firing Exercise at Tintinba Firing Range

By Nelson Manneh The office of the Inspector-General of Police wishes to inform the general public, that it will conduct...
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