Electrical Facility Issues Bar Sittings at the Banjul High Court Annex


By Yankuba Jallow

There were no sittings on Wednesday 9th June 2021, at the Banjul High Court Annex owing to lack of adequate electric facility issues.

Justice A. Bakre of the Banjul High Court Annex was present but did not sit because his Chamber and office lacked proper electricity facilities.

Wednesdays are busy days for the Courts as most criminal cases are heard on this day.

This reporter was in Court for coverage but was informed that there will be no sitting on this day. He observed that lawyers, accused persons and prosecuting Counsels were all present in Court in order for them to proceed with their cases. However, he said they were informed that the Judge will not sit and this was how everyone including him, left the Court room.

According to his observation, the place where the Judge sits does not have a working fan to ameliorate the work condition of the Judge, as the weather condition gets hot these days.

The High Court Annex which is situated at the Banjul Magistrate’s also comprises the lower Courts where the ceiling fans function adequately. At the High Court Annex, the two fans fixed for the audience also function save for the one fixed for the Judge, which was motionless.

When he investigated this anomaly, this reporter was told that this particular fan for the Judge was not functioning because it has electrical issues and needs to be replaced. This reporter also came to understand that this was the first time sittings at the High Court Annex in Banjul did not happen, due to such issues.

To shed more light on this story, this reporter will speak to the authorities at the Ministry of Justice to know why a dysfunctional ceiling fan that needs to be replaced, stopped proceedings of important criminal cases to take place as per their scheduled dates after adjournment.