There is an election campaign period which is declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). This is different from the normal period of political activity which could witness rallies held by political parties after getting permits from the Inspector General of Police to be allowed to use a public address system at given junctions or other public places.

The official campaign period requires all candidates to be given equal access to the state media, be it radio or television. The different candidates will be allocated times on radio and television to broadcast rallies. They are also allocated time to address the electorate directly or through chosen representatives. This often lasts for shorter durations but do go out through the campaign period.

The electorate therefore should no longer say that they don’t have time or interest to tune into GRTS television or radio. They have an obligation to do so in order to know what the respective candidates intend to do to serve their needs and aspirations. This will enable them to make informed choices.

The other media houses should also give equal access to the candidates to issue advertisements and disseminate information such as the publication of their manifestoes.

Foroyaa will try to get the manifestoes of the 3 candidates and publish them side by side for the benefit of the electorate.