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Eldest Man in Jambur Recollects His Abduction by Witch-Hunters


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By Yankuba Jallow

Momodou Kah Bojang, the eldest man in Jambur on Wednesday, 20th November 2019, narrated how soldiers and witch doctors arrested him in Jamburr.

The witch-hunters came to The Gambia under the auspices of former President Jammeh in 2009. They abducted hundreds of Gambians with the help of members of the Gambia Armed Forces and Green Boys.

Bojang said he was abducted by soldiers and Yahya Jammeh’s Green Boys at a shop near his house.

“They told me they were sent by the President to give people medicine. I told them I was not sick, but they insisted I must go with them,” he said.

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He said at the time of his abduction, he was the third eldest person in Jambur. He said he was taken to Kololi where they were given concoction to drink.

“When we arrived in that compound, we were all seated in a big hall and we sat there for some time. We were asked to queue and we were given the concoction at an untidy place. When I drank the concoction, the man who gave me the concoction asked me to bend down and he poured the concoction on my body,” he said.

He said the place where he was given the concoction was untidy and it looked like a toilet or bathroom.

He said when he came out, he found some of those who drank the concoction before him lying down and others were sitting.

“From the moment I drank the concoction, I was constantly urinating,” he said.

He said he became unconscious until dawn of the following day. He said they were released in the evening and they returned home, adding he was able to walk home by himself. He said he still urinates frequently. He said he sometimes finds it difficult to walk as a result of the complications his body developed after he drank the concoction. He said he is still suffering from internal body pain. He said he is also suffering from social stigma as he is being labeled a wizard.

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