Dying A Thousand Times Before One’s Death


The TRRC should be seen as an opportunity and not a tragedy for one who perpetrates wrong and accepts it. When one hides a wrong one dies a thousand times before it is finally owned up to. Hence those who had the courage to speak the truth should speak it forever, cause it what it will. Those who hide the wrong they did have still done the wrong that they are not brave to own up to.

It is valour to own up to wrongdoing and repent. Wrong doing and repentance should never be politicised or trivialised. Those who have confessed can now become preachers against wrong doing using themselves as examples. Such people should be invited by schools and communities to teach the evil of wrong doing and the virtue of righteous conduct and repentance for wrong done. The Victim centre should now focus on the actions, the redress, the lessons and the need for a change of mindset and conduct to prevent any recurrence. This is the verdict of justice and common sense. We must embrace it to move on. Any other way will lead us to the politicisation of the TRRC.