Dr Ismaila Ceesay: Citizens’ Alliance to Restructure NAWEC


Yankuba Jallow

Promise 4: Facilitate Expansion of Infrastructure and Technology Upgrades to Provide Clean, Reliable and Affordable Energy and Provide Access to Safe Drinking Water to Every Household

Dr Ismaila Ceesay said NAWEC willl be restructured in areas like management, power generation, transmission and distribution network and commercials.

He said a CA Government will bring technology and innovative solutions to power generation, adding the transmission and distribution network will be rehabilitated.

On access to water, Dr Ceesay said it is not fair for some people to have swimming pools at their homes while some people in the rural area are struggling to get a litter of water.

“There should be equitable distribution of water across the country. Every Gambian must get access to clean drinking water in your compound and not to fetch water in well or public tap,” he said.

Promise 5: Improve Access to Equity and Quality Healthcare System and Establish a National Healthcare Scheme

Dr Ceesay said a CA Government will invest in primary healthcare and provide health personnel the right training so that Gambia will have a scheme called “Healthcare where you are”.

“We are going to make sure that we have a healthcare facilities that is well-equipped with well-trained health workers to make sure healthcare is accessible to every Gambian” he said.

Dr Ceesay said a CA Government will establish a national healthcare strategy that the world can use as a model.

Promise 6: Reform our Education System to Support and Foster that Ensures Inclusivity and Equitable Quality Education that Taps into the Creative Potential of all Gambians

Dr Ceesay said the current education system is not fit for purpose, adding it cannot solve the basic problems of the country. He added that the education system has failed because it cannot provide solutions to the problems of The Gambia and plan for the country.

“If our education system cannot help us build the society we want in 25 years, then it has failed,” he said.

The education sector should be able to address the complex problems that the society is faced with now and help build the modern Gambian in 25-30 years to come.

He explained that there will be inclusive education for all including persons living with disabilities, who according to Dr Ceesay, are not treated equally with others at school.

He said every girl must get access to education, adding education will be compulsory under a CA Government.

“Compulsory education, and there won’t be any comprise for that,” he said.

He said the current system is discriminatory to persons who are technically oriented ib favour of acadmically oriented students. He said a CA Government will come up with a scheme to provide skills and vocational training for people who are technically inclined.

To be continued.

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