Dozens of houses destroyed in Sare Ngai


By: Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh

Another windstorm on Thursday 7th October, 2021 destroyed more than a dozen houses in Sare Ngai, a village in Central River Region (CRR)- about 275 kilometers away from the capital, Banjul.

This is the second biggest destruction this year following the massive windstorm that utterly destroyed houses on July 7th, claimed 12 lives and affected 109,000 people.

Speaking to this medium, Jalimadi Baldeh, Alkalo of Sare Ngai Village, explained how the windstorm destroyed building roofs in their village.
Alkalo Baldeh said the destruction shocked the entire villagers as building roofs were left at the mercy of the wind. He said they have never witnessed such destruction in their village, but was thankful that no live was lost.

The village Alkalo expressed distress over the mute of their chief, Modou Lamin Baldeh and the government, after pleading for support but he said the aforesaid authorities haven’t delegated any representatives to visit the village.

“We are very disappointed with the current government,” he said.

However, according to Alkalo Baldeh, Essa Faal visited the village after he was informed about the destruction. He said Essa Faal gave the village D10,000, which he said the villagers appreciated.

He confirmed that the windstorm destroyed all their houses and they are calling on philanthropists, individuals, and NGOs to come to their aid.

“As we speak, I have nowhere to sleep. The situation at the village is really difficult. Our children have do not have a place to sleep and we don’t have money to rebuild our houses. The whole village is affected,” Alkalo Jalimadi Baldeh explained.

Yahya Jallow, the village Imam, also registered his disappointment at the government for not sending any representatives to visit them.

“We have done everything for this country, but now the current government is neglecting us,” he said.

Imam Jallow expressed gratitude to their neighbors for coming to their aid at this trying time and pleaded for support from Samaritans.

For any support, contact the following numbers +220 3341268 /3052656.