Does The 1997 Constitution Protect The APRC?


The APRC should not accept to be linked to supporting or opposing a constitution because of the existence of any provision for immunity. What all Gambians should focus on is giving Gambia a new start that would enable all to put the past behind us and prevent any recurrence. This objective is almost becoming illusive as party politics take full swing in the run up to the 2021 Presidential elections.

In another vein, some members of the former ruling Council are free to manage their own affairs while another is in custody undergoing a long trial. A former director of the NIA is also undergoing a long trial while other former NIA operatives are free to manage their own affairs. Despite the existence of a justice system, President still have the power to pardon convicts to lighten their burdens. Readers would recall Jammeh’s pardoning of many people on death row amidst popular appreciation, even after sending some to the gallows. In the same vein ex president Jammeh did drag many of his colleagues ex council members Yankuba Touray and Ex-Chairman KMC , Abdoulie Conteh among others , despite immunity provisions.

The best move for the party is to start to take note of the grievances of certain sectors of Gambian society and engage them constructively to facilitate healing. Constitutions may contain provisions that may appear to provide immunity but they are subject to interpretation by the Supreme Court.

The citizens should put their trust in their capacity to build a society that is inclusive, one that each would be proud to call one’s own, irrespective of party affiliation.

A constitution is not meant to serve partisan or personal interest. It is meant to serve the interest of all sovereign citizens. Hence the duty of a citizen is to examine a constitution clause by clause to determine how far it has gone to serve the interest of all fair minded citizens who would always accept truth when it is evident.