Does any Gambian have the authority to speak for a tribe or ethno-linguistic group?



Section 60 Subsection (2 ) a) of the Constitution states: “ No association shall be registered or remain registered as a political party if—

(a) it is formed   or  organised  on  an  ethnic,  sectional, religious or regional  basis;”

A party leader has no basis for speaking on behalf of a tribe. This undermines the National character of a party and any party leader.

Misconduct should always be avoided by a leadership. To make divisive and derogatory remarks while handling state matters  should be considered as gross misconduct.

In short , when a person conducts himself or her self in a manner which brings or is likely to bring his or her public office into contempt or disrepute, one could be accused of misconduct.

A President of the Gambia should prevail on his or her Cabinet to agree to a Code of Conduct which should bar the use of any derogatory remarks that would offend public morality and decency.

To say the least ,public apology should be given by anyone guilty of such conduct.