DLEAG Apprehends 2 Drug Dealers


By Nelson Manneh

The spokesperson of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency – Gambia (DLEA-G), Thursday informed Foroyaa that the Agency has nabbed and taken into custody two dealers, for possession of suspected prohibited drugs.

Ousman Saidybah said Lamin Jarju was arrested at Kololi New Road on May 23rd 2022 with 21 big bundles of suspected cannabis sativa concealed in the boot of a BMW vehicle with registration number BJL 8611 T.

“One Malang Beyai was also arrested on the 7th February 2022 with the same BMW vehicle with thirty-five big bundles of suspected cannabis sativa wrapped in papers and hidden in used flour bags and concealed in the boot and other compartments of the car,” he said.

PRO Saidybah said Malang was subsequently arraigned in court and pleaded guilty and was sentenced and fined accordingly. He further said that Lamin Jarju is not a stranger to anti-narcotic officers.

“He is among the most notorious drug dealers and traffickers in the country. The Agency had apprehended him on several occasions with huge quantities of suspected prohibited and controlled drugs. In some instances, he had been arrested while on bail,” he said.

Saidybah said Jarju’s last encounter with anti-narcotics officers was on the 29th of October 2020.

“It so happened that operatives together with Mobile Traffic Officers decided to set up a vehicle checkpoint at Old Yundum after they received a tip off that he had gone to the bush to collect suspected prohibited drugs,” Saidybah said; that

upon citing the officers at the checkpoint, he failed to stop and drove off at top speed thereby endangering other road users and pedestrians. He said he recklessly drove his vehicle from Old Yundum Police Station to Sukuta Traffic Light through Brusubi turntable and then to Kololi Tavern.

Saidybah said an officer who swiftly responded and jumped on top of his vehicle was all throughout this reckless adventure, on top of the vehicle; that on this occasion, Jarju used a Mercedes Benz C Class vehicle with registration number BJL 8063.

Saidybah said prior to the incident on October 29th 2020, Jarju was convicted for the possession of prohibited drugs contrary to section 43(4)e of DCA 2003.

“He was found guilty and convicted to a fine of D100, 000 and the fine was to be paid in two installments (October and November 2020 respectively),” he said.

Similarly, he said Jarju was arrested with a sum of D89,700.00 which is said to be proceeds from illicit drug trafficking.

“The money was forfeited to the state together with a Mercedes Benz vehicle with registration number BJL1677 Q. He was even said to be on court bail at the time of the incident in old Yundum,” he said.

Equally, PRO Saidybah said these are people who are part of society and have relatives.

“We must all join hands (especially their relatives and associates) in shunning their activities and exposing them. It is only through concerted efforts and collaboration that we can keep our communities healthy, safe and drug free,” he said.