District Tribunal Yet to Decide on Berending Village Land Case


By Nelson Manneh

Mr Sanna Sanyang, the Alkalo of Berending Village in Kombo South on Thursday, 25 January 2024 testified before a tribunal in a land case that involved one Manjang Kunda family in Gunjur Village and Berending Village.

The case was presided over by a panel of three members led by Chief Modou Bojang of Kombo North.

In this case, the plaintiff (Manjangkunda family) was represented by one Modou Manjang. He is claiming ownership of a piece of land located inBerending Village Kombo South.

When the case was called at the Tribunal at the West Coast Governor’s office in Brikama, Sanna Sanyang, the defendant announced his presence in court and the Plaintiff Modou Manjang was also present.

Defendant Sanyang said the said land was first claimed by the former Alkalo of Gunjur Village Alhagie Giki Darboe in 2013.

He said Giki Darboe filed a case in 2013 at the high court claiming ownership of the said land. “He filed a suit at the high court, after losing the case, he filed an appeal at the court of appeal but he lost the appeal again. Both judgements clearly spelt out that the said land belongs to us,” he said.

The defendant said the land is not even within the territory of Gunjur but it is within the territory of Berending. The said land is around the border between the Gambia and Cassamance.

The witness informed the court that when late Giki Darboe was claiming the said land in 2013, he (Giki) said certain families in Gunjur owned the said land but never mentioned Manjang Kunda Family.

The witness then tendered both the two judgements before the court and they were accepted and marked as exhibits.

Mr Sanyang, in his testimony, said the land belongs to the people of Kartong and has no connection with the people of Gunjur.

The witness said in 2006, the people of Gunjur went to court claiming ownership of Berending Village. He said the people of Gunjur claimed they owned Berending, but they lost that case.

“The late Giki in a video never mentioned the Manjang Kunda Family when he was claiming the land. I have that video with me and I will submit it to the court,” he said.

He also tendered the judgement of that case and a sketch plan from the Physical Planning Department showing the boundaries between Berending and Gunjur.

The matter was then adjourned to Thursday 8 February 2024 for cross examination of the witness by the plaintiff.