Director Of Health Promotion Says 133 People Are Under Quarantine

Director of Health & Promotion

By Ndey Sowe

Modou Njai- Director of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health has told journalists that one hundred and thirty- three people are under quarantine.

This information was disclosed yesterday at a regular press briefing convened by officers of the Ministry of Health on the current situation of the Coronavirus (COVID 19). The briefing was held at the Central Medical Store in Kotu, where the third confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID 19) in the country, was announced.

“We have now two additional people who are under quarantine”, he said, adding contacts traced is five hundred and seventy- three people, confirmed cases is cumulative three, death is one, total tests conducted is twenty-two, positive test results is three and negative test results are nineteen.

He averred that the EFSTH Mortuary and Markaz have been fumigated; twelve samples were collected from residents of Markaz (including the 3 co-travellers) who are currently quarantined and sent to the MRC Gambia Laboratories.

He said all health personnel who came in contact with the second case are quarantined and had their samples collected.

He also gave a summary of calls received on 1025 as follows: 453 calls received related to reporting possible suspects, 875 calls received related to inquiry on signs, symptoms and prevention, 3 calls related to self-reporting, 128 calls not related to COVID-19 and 37 calls referred to contact tracing team for following.