Differently Abled Seeks Assistance To Fence His Banana Orchard


By Nelson Manneh

Sangmarie Correa, a young differently abled Gambian planning to change the narrative of gardening in The Gambia, is seeking assistance to fence his banana orchard in Bonto village.

Correa said many young people who venture into agriculture, especially gardening in this country mostly grow a few bananas for family consumption but his aim is to commercialize his project.

Sangmarie, who is residing in Bonto village Kombo East District, West Coast Region, has been working on his garden for the past five years.

The differently-abled young Gambian said for five years he has been struggling with his gardening project but he cannot make headway.

Like many other Gambians, Mr. Correa said he started the project with a few bananas but later expanded it to a garden and drew water from a nearby well to water his orchard.

“It still remains a challenge to me as I want to expand the project but cannot fence the whole place in order to have at least the garden I am yearning for,” he said. “Gardening is part of my life. I spent all my leisure time in my banana orchard. I have been shrugging in my garden for many years but I cannot expand it the way I want it because I don’t have money to fence it.”

Correa said land is not his problem but his only challenge as of now is water and a fence.

“If I have assistance and fence the garden and get water supply in it I will concentrate on my orchard and stop all other things I am doing,” he said.

Correa is seeking assistance from philanthropies, government institutions, or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). He can be reached on the following numbers: 3514994, or 3053734.