Diedrich and Barry Eventually Evicted Still questioning legality of action


By Sailu Bah A Gambian and his German friend who own a land at Tranquil Wullingkama were asked by some people who claim to be staff of the physical planning Department to vacate their own land after the high court had decided that the land is owned by the two friends. According to Bern Georg Diedrich and Gambian Friend Alieu Barry, the incident happened on Thursday 18th December 2014 around 12 O’clock noon. They said a man by the name Mr. Jawara with a lady, both of whom claimed to be from the physical planning office, accompanied by about a dozen or so fully armed Police Intervention Unit officers, came to them and asked them to vacate the land within 30 minutes . Mr. Barry and Mr. Diedrich, said Mr Jawara did not provide them with any document or court order instructing them to vacate the land. Asked what finally happened Mr Diedrich said: “We complied and started packing our things. After packing, the keys to the houses were seized by the said Mr. Jawara. As at now I am staying with a friend because I have no place to stay. We are not told the reason behind our eviction from our own land,” he concluded. According Mr. Barry they came to stay on the Landin August 2014, after they secured the land for themselves. He said after the judgment made by the court that the land should be returned to them (Mr. Barry and Mr. Diedrich), they spent a lot of money to provide security for the land. “Now that we feel the land is secure we decided to settle on it. But again they have evicted us for no reason, and the land rightfully belongs to us, because we have all our documents and the court order,” he lamented. After receiving the complaints from Mr. Barry and Diedrich, this reporter went to the said land on Sunday 21st December 2014 and found 10 Police Intervention Officers guarding the plot. The judgment of the high court 2 October 2012 which returned the land to Barry and Diedrich and the writ of possession of 8 October 2012 were both shown to this reporter. Foroyaa will get in touch with the Physical planning department to hear what they have to say concerning this matter.  ]]>