Did Musa Sonko Make The Following Statement Published By The Voice?
The Voice carried the following story on 19th April, 2021:



Musa Sonko Opens Up On Formation of 2016 Coalition

Musa Sonko, former deputy president of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) has made a startling revelation about how coalition 2016 was formed adding that all the top politicians played a few roles in its formation.

“When we were in this coalition at our interparty committee level, he (Hamat Bah) linked me with a top foreign diplomat (and) it’s not important for me to mention the name of that country but he is a very senior foreign officer at one of the embassies here (in The Gambia) because they showed very much interest in Gambian politics,” Musa Sonko said giving account of how it all started.

“So, when we were having a meeting at the NRP bureau that man came there and while we were in the meeting, he – Hamat called me and said ‘come someone wants to see you and I went with him to his office together with the man and he introduced that man to me saying he is a foreign diplomat and he heard about your issue and they wanted to help you.

“But let no one know about the issue and keep all things in secret. If he wants to come here [The Gambia] he used to stand at a distance of about 200 [kilometres] and I would meet him in his car and I give information to him,” Sonko told a local-based online TV.

“When this coalition was formed, we are the ones who formed this coalition. None of them played [a] crucial part in its formation, be it Hamat Bah, Halifa [Sallah] or OJ, none of them played effective part in its formation. We are the [ones] who did everything.

Meanwhile, he said President Adama Barrow won the December 1 presidential election, to former President Yahya Jammeh, he alleged that, that diplomat’s country gave a huge amount of money which he said “was meant to sponsor the transitional period.”

“I’m telling you how they got that huge amount of money, he, Hamat and that foreign diplomat, three of them the foreign country I’m telling you gave us huge amount of cash which to be used supposed to sponsor our transitional period and three of them took that money to [President] Adama Barrow, but as they are going to Adama Barrow the betrayal started from there because I was the one who was working with this man who introduced them to [President] Macky Sall. And when they are taking the money to [President] Adama Barrow in Yarambamba they told this man to wait outside because the place will be tight,” he explained.

The statement implies that the Coalition was a subversive movement bankrolled by a foreign envoy known to the NRP leader. Foroyaa will contact the leaders of the Coalition for answers that will be conveyed to the readers in due course.