Deputy Chairperson of Basse Area Council Resigns From UDP


By Lamin Fatty

The Vice Chairperson of Basse Area Council and member of the United Democratic party, has resigned from the UDP.

Youba Jawara, the Ward Councillor for Sabi Ward tendered his resignation letter at the UDP party regional secretariat.

Mr. Jawara in his resignation letter said his resignation came because he wants to retire as a partisan politician to take another new dimension as a non partisan politician. The letter reads:

“I hereby write this letter with deep sense of sorrow to announce that I, Yuba Jawara, have resigned from the United Democratic Party (U.D.P) as a member of the party with immediate effect. This resignation came as a result of me leaving politics as a partisan politician and to take a new dimension as a nonpartisan politician, whereas my ideological believes and perspectives can be attained without causing any destruction to my career as a politician. I will use this opportunity to thank the mighty UDP for granting me a rare opportunity or privilege to serve as the flag bearer for my Ward in the 2018 Local Government elections and came out victorious.

“Through this, I was able to serve my people and brought so many development to their doorsteps, by improving their lives and livelihoods in my Ward and beyond. Furthermore, I am using this opportunity to make it clear to the party that I have no grudge against anyone and the decision came at my own free will, so as to transform my political career into a new approach and I am pretty much sure that this decision will be understood by party executives and its general members.

“Finally thank you for your relentless efforts and support throughout my tenure and I pray that the party achieve its objectives and goals in transforming The Gambia in to a better place for the electorate and beyond,” the letter ends.