Deputies Adopt Common Principles for Support to Parliament Report


By Muhammad Bah The National Assembly of The Gambia has adopted, in a whole committeeNew National Assembly Building of the house, yesterday, 5 March, 2015 the report on the Common Principles for Support to Parliaments passed during the 195th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Governing Council held in Geneva, Switzerland.Presenting the report, Hon. Netty Baldeh, National Assembly Member (NAM) for Tumana constituency, said a well structured and resourced parliament is essential to a vibrant democracy, maintaining peace, upholding the rule of law and human rights, gender equality, increasing economic prosperity and promoting social justice. He said parliament’s growing legislative, oversight and representational responsibilities in these areas mean that all citizens have a vital stake in the institution. Hon. Baldeh told his colleagues that the issue of how to enhance international democratic parliamentary standards to enable democratic parliaments to maintain international standards was key during the session. He said the idea was vigorously put across participants and it was accepted that this concept is applicable while respecting the wide variety of traditions across the world. “It is a strong desire on the part of parliaments to develop their capacities in response to the growing expectations of the people for more efficient and effective service from their representative and this primacy needs to be acknowledged in all support work. Democracy in its widest sense, however, is a world community and its therefore appropriate that parliaments should be able to draw appropriate, excellent, external technical support from an international community with a common interest and stake in the functioning of all key democratic institutions. This common purpose provides the rationale for parliamentary support,” said Hon. Baldeh. Deputy speaker, Hon. Fatou Mbye seconded the motion, adding that the role and function of parliament is to scrutinize, legislate and make budget appropriation. She stressed that parliament needs timely and adequate support to perform its obligations to the people.]]>