Sunday, December 5, 2021

Deportee Enquires About Condition Of Family Left Behind


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By Mustapha Jallow

Abdoulie Secka, who has lived in the United State of America for 25 years, said he arrived at Banjul International Airport on Saturday, 17th March 2018, after being deported and is desperately concerned to know the state of his family, after being sent home.

‘‘My main concern for now is, for the US authorities who deported me, to tell me what would happen to my wife and 5 kids?’’ he asked. ‘‘It’s traumatising to leave your children and wife behind. Who will take care of them because my wife cannot take care of the family, alone. I haven’t committed any offenses and they just decided to send me away from my young family,’’ he explained with eyes full of sorrow.

Secka said upon arrival at the airport, his documents were taken from him. He pleaded to anybody who can, to assist him get back to his family in US. ‘‘My kids wouldn’t completely understand why one of their parents did not return to them,’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve to start fresh because I didn’t come with anything,’’ he said.

In conclusion, he urged the authorities to look into the eventual deportation of thousands of Gambians in the not too distant future, which he said will not only be frustrating, but will be disheartening to separate them from their families; that this can affect one’s mental wellbeing.

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