DEMOCRACY AS A MECHANISM FOR PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE OF CITIZENS Edward Francis Small linked payment of taxes with representation


vote. Monarchy is eradicated by according to each the right to seek a mandate once one is qualified to do so. The corner stone of democracy is freedom to choose those who are to preside over the affairs of a country. The duty to render account and be removed for misrepresentation and be replaced without bloodshed makes democracy a mechanism for the peaceful co-existence of citizens. Hence no political leader could stand for peace without upholding democratic principles. All political leaders who are opposed to democracy are promoters of civil strife and war. Such people are likely to divert sovereign national wealth from areas aimed at promoting general welfare to security pursuits. This is always the recipe for the emergence of failed states. Genuine African leaders are democratic leaders who want to leave office during their life time and serve in panels of the wise to guide future leaders towards humanity’s best state of existence in liberty and prosperity. Each political leader has a choice to make. One must either be a democrat or a tyrant. There is no middle road.  ]]>