Democracy And Good Governance Are Integrity To A Government


The integrity of a government depends on the quality of its democracy and its capacity to adhere to the principle of good governance. The more a country elects its leaders through free, fair and credible elections the more it earns the respect of other countries and peoples all over the world.

The Gambia has gone through a cycle in its democratic evolution. First and foremost change occurred in 2016 that was never expected. In 2021 the country went through a second stage of electing a government to lead the country for this coming five years.

How people voted, why they voted is known to individuals. The results however reveal a landslide victory for the NPP. It is left to the NPP to examine the quality of its goal and how it acquired it. The future of the country depends on the democracy that is free from ignorance and inducement. The more people vote based on informed choice the more mature the democracy.

The second cycle is now over. The NPP is elected to govern. It must be allowed to do so under the constitution without any hindrance. However, Gambians must continue to prepare the people for a democracy that is free from ignorance and inducement. That is the verdict of history and common sense.