Defence Urges Court to Close Prosecution’s Case in Lang Conteh’s Trial


Dawda Jallow to order for the prosecution to close their case and allow  the former Manager of Kanilai Family Farm to enter his defence. In his application, Mboge informed the court that since the commencement of the trial, the case has suffered several adjournments at the instance of the prosecution. “I did intimate to this court that if they fail to produce their witness at the adjourned date, I would apply for this court to foreclose the prosecution’s case,” he submitted. When the matter resumed on Thursday December 04th for continuation of hearing before the said magistrate, Lawyer Mboge announced his appearance for the accused while no representation was made for the Inspector General of Police. Lawyer Mboge then stood up and submitted he could not wait  indefinitely while the prosecution shows no sign of calling their witnesses and therefore urged the court to order for the prosecution to close their case and allow his client to open his defence. Readers would recall that Mr. Conteh is standing trial on a single count charge of ‘theft’ contrary to the laws of The Gambia. He appeared in court on July 7 this year and entered a plea of not guilty to the said charge and was consequently remanded in Prison Custody at Mile II. However when the case resumed for hearing on 4th of August, he was granted bail in the sum of two million dalasi and ordered to produce two Gambian sureties, one of whom was asked to deposit a title deed situated within the greater Banjul Area. According to the particulars of offence, the  accused sometimes in 2012-2013 respectively, in the city of Banjul, stole the sum of “one million five hundred and thirty eight thousand eight hundred and four dalasis ninety-five bututs (D1,538,804.95), the property of Kanilai Family Farm, thereby committed an offence. He denied any wrong doing and was subsequently remanded in Prison Custody. ]]>