Defence Lawyers to Make ‘No Case Submission’ in Wuli Murder Trial


By Lamin Fatty

The two defence lawyers in the murder and robbery trial involving three men, have informed the Basse High Court that they will make a ‘no case to answer’ submission. The above incident allegedly occurred on the eve of the 2021 presidential election in Sare Gubu village, in Wulli East District of the Upper River Region.

Lawyer Kebba Baldeh, the Counsel for Amadou Gagigo (1st Accused Person) and Sorry Baldeh (3rd Accused Person) and Lawyer Kijera, Counsel for Simintang Kandeh (2nd Accused Person), on the 15th of February 2023, both indicated that they will be making a ‘no case to answer’ submission.

The Judge told the Defence Lawyers to follow the right process in making their ‘no case submission’ because the Court is governed by rules, and reminded them there is no shortcut to justice. He continued that the rules of the Court are important and any court that sidelines those rules can be considered a ‘kangaroo court’.

The judge then adjourned the matter to the 7th of March 2023, for both Counsels to file their “no case to answer submissions”, on behalf of their respective clients.