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Defence cross examines Ex Airport Director of Operations In the false info trial of Borry J. Saidy


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By Kebba Jeffang

Mr. Waka Jobe, the former director of operations at Banjul international airport and second prosecution witness (Pw2), was crossBory J. Saidy examined by lawyer Borry S. Touray in the ongoing false information trial of Borry J. Saidy, the former acting air traffic services manager, at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on Monday, August 01, 2016.

Inspector Gibba appeared for the Inspector General of police, while lawyer Borry S. Touray represented the accused person.

During cross examination, the witness was asked by defence counsel as to how he got appointed to his former position without qualification and advertisement in the media.

The witness responded in the affirmative when he was asked whether his documents are relevant to the position he held before his retirement as the director of airport operations.

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“Was the position of airport operations advertised in the media before you were appointed?” asked the counsel. The witness responded that he was not aware of it.

“Was this position of director of airport operations advertised in any newspaper before your appointment?” asked counsel Touray. “I am not aware,” replied the witness.

“Was the vacancy of this position broadcast over radio Gambia and GRTS TV?” defence asked. “I am not aware of it,” replied the witness.

He further asked “who are the applicants for this position?” “I am not aware of the applicants,” PW2 responded.

“You mean there was no short-listing of applicants? He asked. The witness said “it is not my job and I don’t know.”

“How then did you get the job since you did not apply for it personally? asked Lawyer Touray?” In responding, PW2 said “I have acted in this position for several months.”

Lawyer Touray further asked “did you apply for it before you were given the job? “No,” he answered.

“Did you apply for your acting portfolio?” asked counsel. The witness responded in the negative, adding that he was asked to act.

“So the job was given to you without being advertised to the world?” asked counsel. “I don’t know. That is your opinion,” replied the witness.

“You will agree with me that you are not the only Gambian interested in that job?” Counsel Touray asked. In reply, he said “I only know about myself and not other Gambians.”

At this juncture, he was shown a tendered exhibit, a certificate for him to confirm to court that they are seminar certificates. He did the confirmation.

He was given another certificate which he again confirmed as a seminar certificate.

“Look at exhibit H. It was issued to you for receiving training on fire fighting. Is that correct,” counsel asked. “Yes,” he confirmed.

“Look at exhibit J, it was issued to you because you were a peace keeping officer in UN?” asked B.S Touray. “No, only peace keeping,” he said.

Finally, the defence counsel asked him “exhibit G is also a seminar certificate for attending training, organized in the Gambia?” “Yes,” he confirmed.

At this juncture, the prosecution applied for an adjournment to enable them to secure the attendance of their third prosecution witness, Mr. Abdoulie Jammeh, the former Director General of the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

The matter was adjourned till 16 and 29 August 2016 at 9am and 1pm respectively.


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