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Defence Continues Cross-Examination of Fraud Squad O/C In Ebrima Jawara Trial


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By Rohey Jadama

Lawyer Modou Drammeh, defence counsel for Mr. Ebrima Jawara has on Thursday, 28 April, 2016 continued the cross-Ebrima Jawara, CPCU Coordinatorexamination of Mr. Nuha Sanyang, the Officer Commanding (OC) the Fraud Squad Unit at the police headquarters.

When the case was called, Sub-Inspector Badjie appeared for the Inspector General of Police, while the accused person was represented by Lawyer Modou Drammeh.

Responding to questions from defence Counsel Drammeh, Mr. Sanyang told the court that he is the overall commander and supervisor of the fraud squad unit. He added that he does not know the actual date the accused person was arrested but that it was in the month of September 2015.

The Fraud Squad OC further told the court that when the accused person was arrested he was remanded at Mile 2 prison.

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“So how were you able to collect the keys from the accused when he was remanded at mile two?” enquired the defnece counsel.” Your worship, we normally receive suspects from the remand wing pending investigations,” responded the witness.

The witness told the court that he cannot tell what happened in this particular case since there was a panel of investigators.

“I’m putting it to you that four officers from your unit collected the accused and escorted him to his home where they conducted a search on the 12 of October, 2015?” said Counsel Drammeh. “As far as I know, the panel that took part in this investigation comprised the fraud squad, major and crime serious units, respectively,” responded the witness.

The witness told the court that he was informed that the supporting documents were not found in the files that was the main purpose they searched the accused person’s house

Counsel said, “I’m putting it to you that your officers told the accused to send someone to collect the keys from the police and he did send one Mr. Kujabi who was present during office search.” Witness answered, “I’m not aware of that because I was neither at the ground nor was it reported to me.”

At this juncture, the trial magistrate adjourned the case to Tuesday, 3 May, 2016.

However, the witness informed the court that he will be travelling and this prompted the prosecutor to interpose the witness till he is back.

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