Deal sealed for titanic Action, Hoyantan battle


By Sulayman Bah

An agreement proposing for heavyweights Action and Hoyantan to battle has been finalized after much Hoyantan 1dillydallying.

Enthusiasts in wrestling circles have been mulling for this contest to be staged for two years now following Hoyantan’s victory over a much revered Tass-sa-yaram at the Bakau Independence Stadium.

Action also sashayed past Ernest Jatta that season thus making the pair’s meeting inevitable as well as an exciting proposition. What delayed the two from battling was more of a disagreement over how much each wrestler gets in case of a deal and the promoting agency.

However, all is now set as Foroyaa Sport was informed after the Alla Wrestling Promotions (AWP) agreed to stage the combat.

The much talked about clash is now billed for April, according to a spokesperson of Alla Promotion.

Action is yet to taste defeat since losing to Tass-sa-yaram in 2013. He subjected Police Force’s giant Yaya Jammeh to a trashing last year at the Serrekunda West Mini-stadium while Hoyantan walloped Tass-sa-yaram but drew Jammeh.

Kololi-Mbolloh’s Action has been silence since opting to focus on helping Senegal’s Mohamed Ndao Tyson in his battle against Gres-Bordeaux recently. He’s known to be an ally to Tyson and was reported to have been training at one point with the Bull Faleh club in Senegal.

Pundits expect his duel with Hoyantan to be a heated one mbpat style.