Darsilami Caliph General and Alkalo Police Bail Extended Again


By KebbaJeffang The police bail for Shiekh Muhideen Hydara, Caliph General of Darsilami Marabout HydaraSangajor and Alkalo Buyeh Touray of the same village, has been extended again by the police to Monday, 11th August 2014. The two elders were informed about the bail extension when they reported yesterday, Wednesday, 6th August 2014, at the Yundum Police station. A source told this reporter that when the two reported at 9 am, they were asked to sit down and wait until after 2.30 pm before they were told by the police to go home and report again next Monday as there is no instruction from ‘above.’ It could be recalled that the two were arrested for observing Eid prayer on Tuesday, 29th August, 2014 and not on Monday 28August, 2014. Both were said to have been arrested on the very day they prayed at Sangajor Darsilami village in the Foni Kansala district, West Coast Region. They were reported to have been detained at various police stations, including Yundum for three nights. The two were then released on bail on Friday, 1st August, 2014 and were asked to report on Monday which they did. They were further asked to report to the police on Wednesday (yesterday) and next Monday again.  ]]>