Cuban Scientists Highlight Impact of Country’s Famous PPG Drug


Cuban scientists are working to increase the production of polico-sanol, a drug known as PPG, which exhibits notable results in patients with hypertension.

This was revealed by the Prensa Latina of Cuba in Havana on June 20, 2024, during a recent meeting of the Cuban Scientists with Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel, where the results of a study on the impact of PPG in lowering hypertension values in people with low vascular risks, was announced.

At the meeting, experts detailed that the study was carried out in several poly-clinics and hospitals in the capital, with the participation of 400 patients. They explained that 12 weeks into the research, a significant decrease in the values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure was observed, what is known as maximum and minimum.

According to a Cuban national television report, this is the first study that evaluates the effects of policosanol on blood pressure as a primary efficacy variable and demonstrates that it can be used as an adjutant in the management of low-risk patients for the control of elevated blood pressure values.

The report said the research is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Public Health and the Bio-Cubafarma Business Group.