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Crocodiles in Tallinding still a menace to residents


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Residents of Tallinding Coloban have renewed their appeal for the authorities to evacuate the crocodiles which have been presentcrocodiles-in-tallinding in their neighbourhood for more than two months now.

They made this appeal again when this reporter visited the area on Tuesday, 6 September, 2016.

Musa Krubally, one of the concerned residents and compound head, said the crocodiles have been entering their compounds and which is of grave concern to them.

“It is a matter of grave concern to us and the responsible authorities should really try and find a way of removing the crocodiles from the area. People find it very difficult to go out at night and even feel uncomfortable to stay in their compounds as the crocodiles roam, especially at night,” he lamented.

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He described this as an urgent matter that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Musa Ndow, another compound head, who lives adjacent to the abandoned compound where the reptiles are staying, also raised a similar concern and appeal.

He said the presence of the crocodiles in the area is dangerous especially when it rains.

It could be recalled that the said residents raised this concern earlier which prompted Foroyaa to contact the officials of the Department of Parks and Wild Life. According to the officials, they were informed about it but indicated that the said area is part of the natural habitat of reptiles, including the crocodiles.  However, the wildlife department sent some officials to the said compound in an attempt to remove the crocodiles but the operation could not materialise because of the water and grown long grass found there. They however advised the residents to contact the fire service to help drain the water.

Muhammed Drammeh, the Public Relation Officer (PRO), confirmed that their personnel had been to the ground but found out that the place is inundated with water and has  long grass which could stuck into their pipes if they attempt to drain the water. He said that the councillor of the ward promised to remove the grass. However, this is yet to be done even after a follow-up with him.

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