COVID-19: US Rates Gambia Lowest Risk Country


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad of the Republic of The Gambia wishes to inform the general public that the United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a Level One (1) Travel Health Notice for The Gambia in its recent global risk assessment level for COVID-19.

The Level One (1) tier is the lowest risk level of the four (4 ) tiered risk levels, with four (4) being the highest. Based on the Level One (1) Travel Health Notice, the US Centre for Disease Control has advised US citizens who are visiting or planning to visit The Gambia to exercise normal precautions while in The Gambia.

It could be recalled that the US Centre for Disease had initially issued The Gambia with a Level Three (3) notice in August 2020. US citizens were advised to reconsider their travel to The Gambia. The Centre for Disease Control periodically ranks countries at various COVID-19 risk levels based on new COVID-19 infection numbers, hospitalisation statistics among other things.

During the reclassification of 7 June 2021, sixty (60) countries were at Level 4 – very high risk, 64 countries at Level 3-high risk, 21 countries at Level 2- moderate risk and 52 countries at Level 1-lower risk.

In light of the foregoing, The Government of The Gambia wishes to commend the Ministry of Health and all the health-care workers for their professionalism and sacrifice in mitigating the pandemic. In the same vein, the Government of The Gambia wishes to register its gratitude to the general public for being vigilant and adhering to safety protocols.

The Government of The Gambia wishes to thank its international partners for the continued support and assistance in containing the pandemic. It should be noted that this pandemic poses a real threat to lives and livelihoods and therefore, we must remain vigilant and continue to abide by public health protocols.