Court Subpoenas Doctor Abdul Hamid Kanteh to Appear


By Yankuba Jallow

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court has signed a subpoena requesting Dr. Abdul Hamid Kanteh to appear before him or face arrest.

The doctor was supposed to appear in the long-standing case of The State and Alexandra Gassama before the high court. Five witnesses have already testified in this rape case and Doctor Kanteh is supposed to be the sixth prosecution witness.

The application for the subpoena was made by Lawyer Patrick Gomez on behalf of the State. The State Lawyer said he was finding it difficult to get the witness and thus, made an application for the court to make a subpoena to secure his appearance.

The subpoena was signed by the Judge in the name of the Republic and the Doctor was ordered to appear before the high court on the 31st August 2020 at 1 pm failure of which he will be arrested and brought before the court.

The Judge said the Doctor was subpoena to testify in the case and tell the court ‘all that he knows in the case until such time he is discharged by the court’.