Court Gives Time to State to Negotiate with Families of AKI Victims


By Mariama Marong

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of Banjul High Court has granted more time for the state to further negotiate with the representatives of Acute Kidney Injury(AKI) victims. This decision was made yesterday upon request by Senior State Counsel Binga D.

Counsel  Binga D had on 21st November 2023, informed the court that Mr Dawda Jallow Attorney General and Minister of Justice is ready to have negotiations with plaintiffs’ counsels and parents of victims of Acute Kidney Injury ( AKI) as suggested by the judge.

Counsel Binga D said they have started talks  with counsels of plaintiffs (victims’ families) for out of court settlement.                                              “We had discussions with counsels of the plaintiffs and we have decided (we need) time to get back together for further discussions.”

State representatives say they are yet to have further discussions based on the technicalities of cases and they are still seeking more time to talk about the matter.

Justice Jaiteh (presiding judge on the case) asked state counsel duration they needed to report on the out of court settlement.

Lawyer Binga D suggested now and against 26th February 2024 for further discussions on the matter.

L. Farage plaintiffs lead counsel was asked by Justice Jaiteh whether the writ of summons was served on Maiden Pharmaceuticals LTD India and all defendants and Counsel Farage responded affirmatively.

“ Yes we have served Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd and it was published in one of India’s popular newspapers called The Times on 25th of January 2024, and all the defendants have been served with the writ of summon.”

The state was represented by Counsel Binga D and plaintiffs’ counsels are L. Farage and Y. Senghore.

The matter is adjourned till 7th March 2024 at 11am for hearing of report on out of court settlement.