Court Fines 3 Jalokoto Residents for Failing to Wear Facemasks


By Mustapha Jallow

A trial magistrate in Briakama has on Monday fined three residents of Foni Jalokoto one thousand dalasis (D1000) each for violating the Compulsory Facemask wearing Regulations, a source familiar with the matter informed Foroyaa.

The three were: Alieu Gibba, the ward Councillor of Jalokoto, Omar Gibba and Sadibou Gibba.

“All of them have paid the fine,’’ the source said.

The accused persons were charged with four counts: violating compulsory Facemask Wearing Regulations, obstruction of police officers, wilful damage and conspiracy to commit felony, the source explained.

The informant added that the accused persons pleaded guilty on only two counts that are: violating facemask regulations and wilful damage.

The court adjourned the case to 31st August 2020 to hear the other charges, the source concluded.

It could be recalled that tension erupted between the police and some youth of Foni Jalokoto last Saturday. The confrontation led to the arrest of the three accused persons.