Court Acquits Soldier for Treason in Coup Trial 


By Kemeseng Sanneh (KEXX)

Justice Basiru V.P. Mahoney of the Banjul High Court has acquitted and discharged Omar Njie of all the charges against him in the coup trial involving four (4) soldiers and a policeman 

On the other hand, he has called on Gibril Darboe and Ebrima Sannoh to open their defence. 

The accused persons were (Lance Corporal) Sanna Fadera, (Sergeant) Gibril Darboe, (Corporal) Ebrima Sannoh, (Corporal) Omar Njie, and (Sub-Inspector) Fabakary Jawara. The charges are two counts of treason, two counts of concealment of treason and incitement to mutiny.

The three soldiers who filed the “no case submission” were Gibril Darboe, Ebrima Sanno and Omar Njie. The other two – Sanna Fadera and Fabakary Jawara have indicated their desire to open defence in the case. 

Justice Mahoney said Sanna Fadera, the alleged ringleader will commence his testimony on Friday, 16 June from 10 am to 12 pm.

The number of accused persons is now 4 as Omar Njie will now go home. We will bring you more on the ruling in our publication on Friday.