Counting on the Spot is The Best Way To Prevent Electoral Dispute


When The Elections Act introduced counting at each polling station under section 75 of the Elections act, it became clear that disputes regarding results would be minimized.

In fact, section 80 of the elections Act states very clearly that : “the Commission shall display a signed copy of the results of the vote of each polling centre outside the polling centre.”

This counting on the spot is what enabled all the parties to know the results of the presidential election before the final declaration was made by the IEC. That is why Jammeh initially conceded in good faith, but later changed his mind.

Three days have elapsed since the declaration of results of the Niamina West and Ker Jarga By elections and no party or person has indicated any intension to challenge the results in court.

Counting on the spot is god practice and should be retained forever in conducting elections in the Gambia.