It is very common for a large number of people to participate in presidential elections. However, as the nation proceeds to National Assembly and subsequently council elections the number of voters who participate reduces drastically. Suffice it to say, participation in council elections reduces drastically over the years, thus raising the question why?

Foroyaa will take the initiative to go to the voters before the nomination forms start to circulate on 15th February 2023 up to the time of nomination on 14th March 2023 to find out from them whether they will participate in the forthcoming council elections slated for April 2023.

The people should realise that the decentralisation and devolution of power to councils are designed to enable them to participate in the development of their communities. Voters are complaining of bad roads, inadequate sanitation, lack of access to clean drinking water, absence of recreational facilities for children and many other facilities to be p rovided by council. Council elections provide an opportunity to listen to all candidates to find out what they have to offer.

Hence the massive participation of people would indicate that they are out to elect candidates, mayors, mayoresses and chairpersons who will be able to deliver. It is therefore significant for the Gambian electorate to ensure that participation in the elections exceeds participation in the National Assembly and presidential elections. If they do it is likely that the executive and the National Assembly will be keener to give more resources to the councils. This is how the people can make a difference.