Saturday, December 4, 2021

Council Election in Wuli Sutukoba


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By: Kebba AF Touray, reporting from Wuli Sutukoba

Gambians across the nation are at polls to vote for their councillors in their respective Wards to represent them at the various Area Councils in the country.

The significance of the election inter alia is to bring development to their Wards. In fact councillors have been promising the provision of street lights, public taps.

In the Wuli East village of Sutukoba, this reporter observed that the process is going smoothly and that voters are turning up at the stations to exercise their democratic rights in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, since the polls kicked off at 7:00am.

A candidate has thumped up the peaceful and tranquil manner in which the campaign period was conducted and urged the voters to do the same during the polls.

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While imploring his fellow voters to be law abiding during polling, he urged the electorate to turn out, vote in peace, go home and await the results.

Morro Jatta, a presiding officer at one of the three polling stations in Wuli Sutukoba, described polling there as smooth, adding that people are coming in bits to cast their votes.

Keep in touch with Foroyaa as we bring you reports from Borro Kanda Kasseh and other polling stations in Wuli East.

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