Corpses of Lamin Sanneh, Alagi Nyass still held at mortuary


Mustapha Jallow and Kebba Jeffang Families of the late Lt. Col. Lamin Sanneh, former Commander of the Presidential Guards, and the late Alagi Nyass Col. Lamin Sannehhave told Foroyaa that their corpses have not yet been handed over to them by the state for burial for more than five months now. The two are among those who were reported to have died during the alleged 30 December 2014 attack on state house in Banjul and their corpses held under armed military guard at the mortuary of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH). However, the corpse of one of the dead persons, Bakary Bojang, aka ‘Gosso’, a mentally deranged young man from No. 2 Sam Jack Terrace in Banjul, was finally handed over to the concern family on Sunday, 21 June 2015, and was buried the same day. Visiting the family home of the late Mr. Nyass, a family source confirmed that they have not yet received his corpse and that Nyass’ mother is still detained incommunicado by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) since New Year’s day. The source added that the ‘Gele Gele’ van owned by the mother was also taken away by the state security agents. When the home of Lt. Col. Sanneh’s grandmother was visited to enquire about the fate of his corpse, the old woman, who is the mother of Meta Njie (Lt. Col. Sanneh’s mother), said the family has not been contacted for anything. The old woman and bed-ridden woman said the incommunicado detention of her only daughter (Meta) and the seizure of the corpse of her slain grandson are really wearing her down. “I doubt whether I’ll survive this traumatising situation for long, as I always think about the two,” she said. Contacting Lt. Col. Sanneh’s family in Kalagi on the issue, a relative said they have not been called by the authorities regarding the handing over of the corpse for burial. The family of the late retired Captain Njaga Jagne, a former officer in the US army, cannot be contacted to know whether his corpse has been handed over for his final rest in peace.  ]]>