Saturday, December 4, 2021

Contaminated Of Eggs To Be Destroyed


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By: Ndey Sowe

Six hundred and forty cartons of contaminated eggs are to be destroyed, if we go by the information from the Managing Director of the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA), Zainab Jallow. MD Jallow informed this medium in an interview on the 28th of June 2018, that hundreds of confiscated cartons of eggs seized by the authority, has been handed over to the National Environment Agency (NEA), for disposal; that they have done their part and declared their intention to the NEA to dispose-off these cartons of eggs, as soon as possible.

These confiscated cartons of eggs was first disclosed by the FSQA during a Press Release on the 7th of June 2018; that the confiscated items have been placed in a container at a warehouse and designated for onward delivery to the NEA. The general public has been urged to remain suspicious and watch out for food items that have the potential of endangering public health.

The FSQA MD said an unnamed Food Business operator is responsible for bringing the contaminated products into the country and accuse the business person for being careless and promise to take stringent measures against anyone, if a reoccurrence of such action is made; that any confiscated item by the FSQA will be submitted to the NEA whether solid, liquid or in any other form and further said that any cost to dispose the confiscated products, will be their responsibility. She disclosed that they will invite their stakeholders, the police, Area Councils and Dumpsite personnel, during the disposal of the confiscated cartons; that there will be a physical count of all the seized cartons to verify what has been certificated, so that no one will tamper with contaminated eggs.

“We have monitored our part. It is left for the NEA to decide on the date, time and place to dispose of the confiscated contaminated eggs,” She said.

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