As the old saying goes what you eat is what you are. It stands to reason that if one eats expired foodstuff one is likely to consume what may possess aflatoxin and thus risk having liver cancer.

It is not uncommon to buy canned milk with expiry dates due in a month only to find it fermented and unfit for use. Recently, a consumer recently reported such an incident where the canned milk was returned to the shopkeeper and got a refund without any waste of time. What is responsible for this?

In a similar case, a bottle of bleach was bought from a supermarket with the seal broken and when it was returned it was replaced with another bottle with the seal in place. What is responsible for this?

Sweets are being sold helter-skelter without the average person taking time to read the expiry date. It is also very common to buy grain products like ‘findi’ and find it unwholesome because of some small tiny pebbles that can only be detected while eating.

Many people are suffering from stomach problems due to the unwholesome food that is being consumed. The time has come for a nationwide campaign to protect the consumer. Prevention is better than cure is the old adage. Saving our population from the consumption of unwholesome food constitutes half the solution to their health problems. The better the food we eat the healthier our body. The time to take decisive steps is now. Any delay will be too late for many.