Construction of Medicines Testing Lab to be completed by November 2025


By Nelson Manneh

Dr. Mustapha Bittaye, the Director of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, has informed this medium that the ongoing construction of the medicines testing laboratory will be completed in November 2025.

Dr. Bittaye said the construction of the laboratory has started and construction workers on the ground are working tirelessly to ensure that the project is completed at the appropriate time. He said the laboratory is located a few meters away from the Brusubi roundabout.

“The project is a grant by the World Bank. We are optimistic that in November 2025, works on the construction of the laboratory will be completed and will be set for operations soon,” he said.

The Director of Health Services said all imported medicines are currently tested outside the country, because of lack of a laboratory to carry out such.

“We now do a random testing of medical products most of which are imported, and if they arrived in the country, they are quarantined and samples are collected and sent outside for testing before they are deployed to the market by their owners,” he said.

Dr. Bittaye said if the construction of the laboratory is completed and operation starts, the strenuous work in testing medicinal drugs will be far reduced because everything will be done in the country. He said the significance of this laboratory in conducting tests within the country, will reflect on the cost of medicine because all the processes of testing medicinal products will be done here.