calling for the restoration of an amended provision which gave powers to registering officers to interrogate claimants to satisfy themselves  on the validity of claims . This could only materialise if the Elections Act is amended. Furthermore, the IEC has recommended for Presidential and National Assembly elections to be held together. This would require a constitutional amendment. Section 96 of the Constitution states: “There shall be a general election of all the members of the National Assembly which shall be held four months after the date of election of office of the President” This has to be amended in order to hold the two elections on the same day. The local government Act also states: “Local Government elections shall be held every four years for the election of members of Local Government Authorities, provided that there shall be at least twelve months between any local government election and elections to the National Assembly.” This also requires an amendment .Even though the term of office of a council member is four years the provision that Council elections should take place a year after national Assembly elections makes it technically impossible for council members to serve less than five years. An amendment of the provision is long overdue. Foroyaa will monitor this year’s state of the nation address to find out whether the recommendations of the IEC will factor in this year’s legislative programme.]]>