Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Common Sense Prevails In The IGP/GDC Tussle On Permit


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Readers would recall that the GDC was denied a permit to use instrument for the amplification of sound at rallies scheduled to be held by the party. This came at a time when permit had already been issued to those aiming to hold a procession regarding the three year term that was agreed upon by the coalition. Foroyaa mentioned that the decision of the IGP was indefensible. It indicated the need to give the registered political parties respect that is due to them and not to create any obstacle or hindrance in the exercise of their rights.

It is heartening that the Inspector General of Police had issued the permit sought for by GDC. Peace and stability are guaranteed in a country where rights are respected and protected. We therefore hope that this atmosphere of respect for law and due process would be sustained by those who are law enforcers by profession.

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