By Mustapha Jallow
Commuters and drivers plying the Tabokoto-Coastal road are still lamenting the poor road condition which they say is affecting and Intersection along the Coastal Roadslowing down their movement.
When this reporter visited the affected area on 23 September for the second time, he observed that only few drivers were using the road because most of them are avoiding it. According to one of the drivers, the poor road condition is affecting the condition of their vehicles a lot and they are very concerned that their vehicles often sustain damages or experience breakdown.Speaking to Foroyaa, a passenger, Ida Jobe, who was desperately trying to get a transport on that road, said she had already spent two hours on the highway just looking for a transport. “We spend almost three 3 hours standing here looking for a vehicle to take us where we are going, what are we going to do now? We even have to think twice before going out because when we go out it may take us long before we return home, which may make our husbands think otherwise,” she stressed. She added that the day before was worst for them because of the greater size of the crowd that was on the highway looking for transport.
Edrissa Sowe, who was found stranded on the road with a heavy travelling bag, lamented his disappointment in the government because according to him, the matter has been reported to the authorities but still nothing has been done. “We suffer while looking for transport,” he added.
Mr Sowe expressed his total frustration over the conditions of the road which he described as one of the busiest in the country.   “How can you work and make money in this type of situation?” he asked.
Other passengers expressed similar sentiments and urged the head of state of The Gambia to urgently come to their aid and renovate the road so that people can move freely and comfortably, whether it rains or not.
It was earlier reported that the National Roads Authority (NRA) had acknowledged that they are aware of the deplorable condition of the road, adding that they are working on plans to construct the stretch but drivers and passengers alike are still dissatisfied. Foroyaa will get in touch with the NRA to get their opinion on the matter.
A pool of water at an intersection along the Coastal Road’