Coalition Of Presidential Candidates Or Coalition Of Parties Or Both


Coalition 2016 started as a Coalition of Presidential Candidates instead of a Coalition of parties. It is after the meeting of the Presidential candidates that the parties became involved in selecting one among their numbers to be the Presidential Candidate.

When Coalition building starts at the party level uncertainties tend to grind all activities of political parties to a halt as the NADD Coalition.

People hardly know who would be their Presidential candidate until the last minute. When division occurs all of them end up being losers.

The success story so far is to encourage each presidential candidate to roll out and build his or her support base supported by his or her party or Independent machinery. Hence when they decide to come together in a Coalition the strength of the Presidential candidates would be known and there will be no dispute as to who should be the flagbearer. The flagbearer would then be given full support under his or her party ticket and those who support his or her candidature would form a consultative and advisory block that would be involved in all decision-making processes regarding electoral campaign, future composition of Cabinet and other electoral contests.

Will there be a Coalition in 2021? If so, what form would it take.

As it stands Foroyaa is clearly informed that three candidates are already in the field as serious Presidential Candidates, namely, The NPP leader and President of the Republic, Adama Barrow, the UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe and the PDOIS Secretary General, Halifa Sallah. Foroyaa will contact other parties and review the political landscape to scout for potential Presidential Candidates and determine whether they are amenable to support any of the trio or a fourth candidate.