Chief’s Messenger Testifies in Trial of 3 Nioro Jarrol Farmers 


By Louise Jobe 

Salifu Ceesay, a messenger of the Chief of Foni Jarrol, Monday, 20th May testified before Magistrate F. Darboe of the Brikama Magistrate’s Court in the ongoing trial involving three (3) farmers from Nioro Jarrol.

The farmers allegedly went to their farms for clearing in preparation for the rainy season. They were summoned by the Chief of the District, who also presided over the tribunal. On the slated day, they came to the residence of the Chief who headed the Tribunal and were later detained by the police on the instruction of the Chief. They allegedly violated the Chief’s order that no one should farm in the area until he delivers judgement over the land in dispute. The case before the Chief’s Tribunal was instituted by the people of Jarrol against the people of NioroJarrol. 

NioroJarrol is a 10-compound farming community in Foni Jarrol District. 

Assistant Superintendent M. Jarju and Sergeant Bangura appeared for Inspector General of Police.

Chief Sulayman Sanyang’s messenger, a resident of Jarrol, said he has been a messenger for 28 years. He added that he is responsible for carrying out instructions such as letters, summons and orders. In simple terms, he is there to serve the Chief.

He told the tribunal that he served the summons of the Chief to the accused persons. He said the summons related to a land dispute they are having with the people of Jarrol. He added that the accused persons were clearing disputed farmlands. He testified that the Chief gave him the summons and he went to Nioro Jarrol where he served them to answer the call of the Chief.

The witness said he had earlier served them an injunction by the Chief to stop all activities on the land area until the Tribunal decides the case.

“They [accused persons] refused to take the documents from me and I threw the document on the ground and left. And when I wanted to start my motorbike to go back home, they took a stick and wanted to hit me. I went to the Chief and explained to him about what had happened to me,” the witness said.

He said the matter was reported at the Kalagi Police Station because the accused persons were causing tensions.

A document was tendered and admitted in evidence. The witness identified it as an injunction from the Chief regarding the land in dispute. It was dated the 25th April 2025.

The accused persons when shown the documents did not oppose its admissibility. They only reiterated their standpoint that they cleared the land in preparation of the rainy season. AbdoulieJobe, one of the accused persons said they immediately stopped working in the area when they were served the injunction.

The document was admitted in evidence and marked as an exhibit.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Bangura made an application for an adjournment, saying they have another case before the Children’s Court. 

Magistrate F. Darboe granted the application and adjourned the case to Wednesday, 12th June 2024.