Checks And Balances Help To Ensure Accountability And Transparency


The presence of the political party monitors has been viewed with mixed feelings, especially when some of these agents started to request for the voters’ cards of claimants who have been registered.

The threat issued by the IEC which emphasised that the agents were there as a matter of privilege and the exercise of a right weakened, the position of the monitors and freed the registration team from stringent scrutiny.

The exposure of shortcomings and the timely responses of supervisors to provide remedy in many centres is beginning to lead to a relation of respect between IEC staff and party agents in many stations.

This relation should be maintained. When agents are free to scrutinise the process wrong doing is minimised.

The registering officers should continue to guard the process from any interference by any agent while the agents take details of any procedural lapses from the registering office in preparation to raise objections.